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City Walk | Dublin


There's an energy that you pick up almost immediately as you arrive in Dublin. Known no for being the up and coming city for all things tech, there is a air of hope and revival as you walk through the streets. It rains light and often here, though the locals hardly take notice and by the weekend you won't either. I was surprised to find not only a vibrant pub culture but a growing and inspiring food community as well. The weekend I spent there was filled with delicious coffee, some tasty thai and a breakfast you'd be hard pressed to beat!

Stop 1 | The Fumbally or Sophie's

Luckily for you, Dublin is such a walkable city making it easy to cover a lot of ground quickly! We're going to start off with a big breakfast as you'll be doing heaps of walking throughout your day. There will be coffee pit stops throughout the day but that doesn't mean that you can't have one with breakfast as well. The two best breakfasts I've had in Dublin were at The Fumbally and Sophie's. While still in the centre of Dublin they're slightly further away than the rest of the other locations so I thought it a good place to start things off. 

The Fumbally is a local haunt for Dubliners and is known for having some of the best cake in town. Their eggs were also quite heavenly and the perfect way to start the day. They are vegan friendly and have lots of alternative options for all different kinds of intolerances. The produce is fresh therefore the menu is always changing slightly, which is something that we love at Table.

Sophie's was a chance encounter and one I had almost missed. Thank goodness I didn't, the views and food are not to be missed. Located on the top floor of The Dean hotel, you have an uninterrupted view of the cityscape. I had the Huevos Rancheros which came in a seriously big portion, I would recommend ordering this and a starter and splitting both with a friend.


Stop 2 | St Stephens Green

After a hearty breakfast you'll need to stretch your legs and walk off some of that food. St Stephens Green is a beautiful little respite from the city centre and has plenty of places to relax with a good book and a cup of coffee. They have ponds, manicured flower beds and lovely loopy paths that take you around the park


Stop 3 | Hatch & Sons

This was a cafe that had been recommended to me by a few different people. It's just below the famous Little Museum of Dublin and is easily missed if you're not looking out for it. If you're ready for your next cup of coffee, stop here and see what they have to offer. 

Stop 4 | Hodges Figgis

I'm never one to turn down a good bookshop, the beautiful Hodges Figgis is just around the corner from Hatch & Sons and is the perfect place to pick up a new book, magazine or newspaper. There are a few nooks for reading and an endless selection of books to choose from. 

Stop 5 | Industry & Co

My next suggestion is a combination of a couple different things. It's a healthy cafe where you can meet with friends or take away during their busier hours. It's also a beautiful home wares store. With a selection of cookbooks, and Scandinavian homewares it's a dream for Table readers. 

Stop 6 | Kaph

Ask any coffee lover in Dublin and this cosy cafe will be on their list. Located in the heart of the city, Kaph is as popular as can be, I had to return three times before I could get a photo in the upstairs seating area that was empty! The staff are friendly and always up for a chat, locals coming in and out without ever having to say their order. The heavenly coffee is supplied by 3fe, the Dublin based roastery.

Stop 7 | Fallon & Byrne or Dollard & Co.

I've heard from many different people how when they visit a place they always love to go to the local supermarkets. This makes total sense as it's like getting to the heart of a country's culture through their stomach. In Italy there will be a vaster and better selection of charcuterie and cheese. In France, there will be an endless number of wines to choose from along with the lightest and freshest breads and pastries. For the final stop of your day, I've given you a choice between Fallon & Byrne and Dollard & Co. Both are great choices with slightly different vibes and options. Fallon & Byrne is a bit more relaxed and has less room to sit. Not only is a it a great place to grab lunch but also to buy gifts for friends. Dollard & Co has more seating but is more commercial. It reminds me a lot of the Harrods Food Hall. With a number of different counters to go to, its great for a browse!


Photography & Words | Ariana Ruth