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City Walk | East London


I have lived in East London for 15years and I always loved it. The markets, parks and canals make this part of London beautiful but the diversity in people who live here is what makes it vibrant and fun. In recent years East London has changed for the better. Many new cafes and restaurants have opened up. There is an amazing choice of places to go for delicious meal or just coffee. One of my favourite things to do on a summery Sunday is this walk. It's the perfect walk that can be done alone or with family and friends.

Stop 1 | E5 Bakehouse

Starting the day with a delicious breakfast at E5 is my favourite thing to do on Sunday morning. This place is always buzzing and I am not surprised. The food  is delicious here. You can also buy amazing bread, cakes and coffee.

Stop 2 | London Fields

Going towards Broadway Market, walk through London Fields. It is a lovely park where on sunny day you can rest or picnic with friends right next to the cricket field, or have a swim in the Lido.

Stop 3| Climpson & Sons

Located on Broadway Market Climpson & Sons is my second coffee stop of the day. I love to sit outside with my oat milk latte watching the people go by as I read my book.


Stop 4 | Artwords Bookshop

Artwords Bookshop is a place that I always pop into when on Broadway Market. You can pick up your favourite magazine or just browse through the selection of wonderful art books and magazines that they have on display.


Stop 5| Hackney City Farm

An animal farm in the middle of a busy city is something magical. This place is home to chickens, ducks, pigs and even a donkey. The rustic restaurant offers delicious food and some pottery classes for kids on Sundays. It's a nice break from the urban landscape and has such a wonderful community vibe.


Stop 6| Columbia Road Flower Market

While this isn't the most secret part of our walk I still felt like it was worth adding to the list. The Columbia Road Flower Market is one of my favourite places. I love coming here any time of the year. It's always busy and quite fun. You can pick up a beautiful bunch of flowers, have a coffee or lunch and listen to a band while enjoying your time there. This place is vibrant and packed with great independent shops. The market is only on, on Sundays while the shops are mainly open only Saturdays and Sundays. 


Words & Photography | Ola O Smit