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Cafe Highlight | South London

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With the influx of freelancers in London, good wifi and the ingenious hotspot feature on most phones, cafes with artisan coffee and pastries have become the internet cafes of the future. I say this of course as a freelancer currently sitting in a cafe in North London on her laptop that ordered an iced latte over an hour ago. 

There is a time and place for places like this and I’m always happy to find a new one. Story Coffee however is not one of these places. As soon as you step foot in the cafe on the corner of St John’s Hill & Sangria Road you are welcomed with a cheery hello and a smile. You can tell this is a local haunt for many of the cafe goers in there, all so comfortable as they chat effortlessly with the baristas or sneak a piece of food to their dog under the table. They’re treating it like a second home. I too must admit that I felt a sense of familiarity after only a few minutes. As I sipped on my iced latte in an effort to cool down from the relentless heat I listened as the baristas told me their coffee journey and how they’d ended up at Story. 

Sof an Jo, the owners of this lovely cafe were such a delight to meet and so passionate about their food, good coffee and creating a space where the community comes together. Their products all have stories as well, from the Cornish juices on offer, to the salmon smoked in the Cotswolds from our friends at Atelier, to the matcha in the matcha cake that had come the way from a recent trip to Asia. The windows stretch from the floor to the ceiling letting in so much natural light that the lights are all turned off. There is sweet relief from the heat coming from the oscillating fan and a breeze from the open door, welcoming newcomers in. 

Their menu is ideal for the breakfast goer and encourages a lot of mixing and matching with their tasty sides. Their cakes are also too good to resist along with their juices and fermented teas. Though I can’t call this my local it has a draw to it that will certainly have me coming back soon. Thanks so much to Sof, Jo and the rest of the team for letting me hang out for the afternoon, I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Story Coffee - Table Magazine.jpg

Words & Photography by Ariana Ruth