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Restaurant Highlight | East London

It was the hottest day in London as I made my way down the Stoke Newington High Street last week. Folks were just starting to congregate in the local pubs after work, ordering a cold pint in an effort to cool down. Upon entering the Italian eatery WOLF, I was greeted by staff and shown to my seat by the window, a warm breeze hitting the back of my neck as I waited for my friend, Maria to arrive. 


Story by Ariana Ruth


I couldn't help but wish that I'd come during the day when the sun was out and the restaurant empty so I could take photos of their beautiful living wall as well as a few of their bar. Every detail has been considered in the restaurant, down to the water glasses. Many would not realise but WOLF also serves a mean brunch on the weekends. My personal favourite being the Fennel Sausage with a Deep Fried Egg, Flat Gnocchi & Caramelised Onions. To those that are interested in cocktails, they even have a two hour bottomless cocktail deal for £20. 

The menu while on the modest side, has an array of choices that made it hard to choose from, thankfully the lovely Maria Bell was willing to share her supper with me. As we browsed we were informed of some seasonal changes made to the menu and secretly thanked the food gods for keeping the Beef Ragu on the menu. 

A half hour later, we were digging into our first courses of the evening, Ragu and Crab Linguine. The pasta was fresh and light, exactly what you want from an authentic Italian restaurant. With the pasta craze in full swing, I find myself becoming more and more critical of Italian restaurants in London, WOLF certainly stands up to this scrutiny not only with their food but with the extensive all-Italian wine list they have on offer.  

All in all, WOLF is not one to be missed, from offering a seasonal  weekend brunch to drinks on a Thursday night, there's an atmosphere that's effortless and welcoming. And that, more than anything is what Table is about. 



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