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A Weekend in Berlin


Anaïs Van Manen brings you a guide to eating Breakfast, Dinner and everything in between. A wonderful guide to good food in the lively city of Berlin.

Morning Coffee at The Barn Café Neukölln
The Barn have a couple of locations now, but they always have been my favourite roaster in Berlin. They always have some outdoor seating, if you go when there’s a bit of sun, it’s a great way to start the day.

Pastries at Albatross Bakery
Naked walls, discoloured paint but beautiful pastries. The place is warm and smells of Butter. Go towards the sweet pastries rather than the glazed savoury as one might find it odd to eat spicy sausage with a sugar glazed pastry.

Alternative: Pastries at Bully’s Bakery
Must try : Swiss Chocolate Fondant & New York cheese cake. Just the energy boost you need. It’s so lush and scrumptious.

Brunch at Annelies
I can eat the whole menu over and over again. 
How to lift up the humble scrambled eggs? Grate some more smoked egg yolk on top of it! And the salad is so crisp and balanced I love to be able to eat that for brunch, and not some rocket leaves on the side.

Annelies, photography by  Sam A Harris

Annelies, photography by Sam A Harris


Dinner at Mrs Robinsons
Mrs Robinsons have a great wine and spirits list but the food is also extremely creative! You can opt for the tasting menu or go à la carte. They try to source the best ingredients in Germany. Husband and wife Ben and Samina have really made something special.

Dinner at Barra
Natural wine and small plates. So good! 

Photography by  Sam A Harris

Photography by Sam A Harris


But if you want something naughty go to the West and get yourself a giant, delicious Schnitzel at Otthenthal or get yelled at and eat Hot pot at Grand Tang (I’m probably going to get yelled at for revealing this address!) but be ready to sweat a bit. 

Ice cream at DUO Sicillian Gelato
I just found a spot so good. Next to Annelies, so you might want to go there after brunch. Get the Fior Di Latte and Bitter Schokoladen.

So now the classic Berlin delicacies:
- Imren. Doner in kreuzberg for your morning cravings.
- Mustafa Gemüse Kebap. Late night chicken doner when there’s less of a queue. I just love eating on the street, you can really feel the energy of a city at that time!

Words by Anaïs Van Manen
Photography by Sam A Harris