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Restaurant Highlight | Queen's Park

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When I first moved to London I found a lovely flat a stones throw away from Queen’s Park. It was my introduction to the quaint little high streets you find when venturing out of the touristy parts of London and I was instantly in love. From the cafes to the restaurants and local grocers it seemed to have everything. There was one street in particular that always housed interesting food spots, lined with warehouse style spaces, Lonsdale Road was always one of my favourite spots.

The cobble stoned street lined with fairy lights and outdoor seating created a calm neighbourhood environment, one may be surprised when a car passes by every now and then reminding you that it is in face a road. It was a blustery evening when I arrived with our Art Director Dunja Opalko at Milk Beach, the newest addition to Lonsdale Road. One that definitely called for a glass of red or two. Co-owner Elliot Milne who greeted us upon arrival works hard to source bottles from independent winemakers who practice low intervention wine making, so each bottle truly reflects the grapes and the land from where it comes.

As Australia is made up of so many diverse cultures including Elliot’s own Greek/Australian background, he wanted the small plates to emulate this in their small plate offering, celebrating Australian fusions on Greek, Italian and Asian cuisines. As we sipped on a delicious array of wines selected by Elliot we snacked on small plates such as beef cheek pappardelle, parsnip gnocchi with cashew cream & salsa verde as well as Shaoxing poached bass, ginger and coriander which was especially tasty! The real star as you may imagine is the wine though, with a range of natural wines to choose from and the staff to steer you in the right direction, you really can’t go wrong. On Wednesdays Milk Beach holds wine tastings, each week with a different theme for £20 per person.

Words by Ariana Ruth
Photography supplied by Milk Beach