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Photo Essay by Fig & Forest


"There’s this certain kind of mystery, some indescribable beauty in abandoned places. You walk through a space trying to imagine how it used to be. What kind of people used to live there. What did they talk about. Were they happy. You imagine sunlit spaces, filled with laughter and joy. And dark times. Winter with long nights and short days. And in a matter of seconds, hundreds of stories flow in your mind. It’s magic. 

Discovering abandoned places and bringing them back to life is the latest passion of the styling duo Fig&Forest. Even if just for a day. 
By filling a room that has long been forgotten with flowers and people and lovingly prepared foods they wish to create new stories in those spaces and show the world there’s beauty everywhere, if only you open your eyes to see it.

Connecting with local makers, this gathering has been the first in the series they’re organising around Europe where they hope to merge the past and present. It took place in a charming greenhouse behind Gutenbuchel mansion in Slovenia. Featuring handmade ceramics by Urša Križman, sweets and cakes by PCakes and locally brewed coffee from Kolektiv22."


This event was run and curated by Fig & Forest
Photography: Aluna Weddings
Styling & flowers: Fig & Forest
Rentals: kredenca
Ceramics: Studio Aino 
Cake & sweets: Petra’s Cakes
Coffee: Kolektiv22
Location: Dvorec Gutenbuchel, Slovenia