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What not to miss at Taste of London


Opening night: Taste of London 2019 – we know right – It’s that time already? 

When foodie fanatics descend onto Regent’s Park to feast on the finest the UK has to offer. Rich with the best and brightest cooking up storms on the circuit, Taste has rightfully earned its must-see status on the culinary calendar; and here at Table Magazine, we’ve been counting down the days.

After spending a fine few hours eating our way around the festival’s fayre, we’ve put together 3 of our top tasty treats (along with a few honourable mentions) to help you on your way to avoiding the dreaded foodie FOMO.


Braised Octopus – Claw

First up, this surprising little seafood symphony from Carnaby Street’s Claw. Arranged with pickled fennel, polenta fries, parmesan and truffle, you look at this dish and you feel you know what it’s store. 

How wrong you were. 

As individual elements, each ingredient stands strong. The octopus braised to a silky succulence. The polenta crisp and golden, fluffy inside. The pickled fennel a hidden gem that brings something new to the party. The parmesan and truffle comfortable like old friends.

But with every mouthful comes the discovery of fresh new combinations of sweetness, earthiness and seaside charm. Each forkful conducts all the elements together to sing something really quite special.

Find yourself a crisp dry white wine, sit back and enjoy this little plate of harmony.


Beetroot Tartare – Gaucho

Next - a hot contender for the most Instagrammable dish of the festival. This vibrant, stylish plate just looks too good to eat. The intense purple of the beetroot swims in a zesty, vivid green buttermilk dressing and makes a bed for a Mango yolk that glows like a sunset.

Together with underlying avocado and crouton islands, this refreshing tartare puts a vegetarian spin on an Argentinian classic to great effect. It’s lightness and citrus acidity makes it a fine option to diversify your menu with added zing.


Gold Prawn Dumpling – Dumpling’s Legend

Our third little number is a self-proclaimed world first – dim sum totally free of gluten. Paddling in a rich chilli sesame oil and simply garnished with shallots and parsley, these three little velvety pockets are a must try. 

Perfectly steamed, the delicate shellfish filling gently washes at first bite, followed by a wave of warming spice that fades in to ride the taste buds, hand in hand with the peppery parsley. Easy on the eye and ideal for sharing, this clean, satisfying dumpling dish from a Chinatown legend shouldn’t be missed.

Honourable Mentions:

Atelier -  Smoked Salmon
Salmon connoisseurs making waves with artisan smokes unlike you’ve ever tasted.

Lee Kum Kee – Free samples
Keep an eye on this one. The chefs are constantly turning out little pots of Hong Kong inspired magic. 

Spicy Salmon – Chotto Matte
Exclusive to Taste, this yuzu, snow crab and purple potato plate packs a punch. It also comes with a shot of pisco sour, which is always nice.

Words by Tom Ganley
Photography by Ariana Ruth