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Table Playlists

Music and food go hand in hand. Our music contributor Aimee Gould, will be adding a playlist to this page each month, each with a different overarching theme. From gathering ingredients to cooking them to sharing them with your friends, we've created a collection that we hope will make those moments even better. This is the music that we play in our homes, we hope you enjoy it as much as us!

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Christmas Playlist

As soon as it hits December 1st the Table team is in full holiday mode. This is a selection of songs for people looking for tunes that aren’t too full-on Christmas but more of a gentle nod. Enjoy

Acoustic Playlist

Who doesn’t love an acoustic playlist in the Autumn? This month Aimee has compiled a list of some of her favourite acoustic tunes for you to listen to on these chilly October mornings.

Wilderness Playlist

This weekend the Table Magazine team are getting pumped for a weekend filled with food and jamming tunes at Wilderness Festival. We've compiled a playlist of some of our favourites from the line up. 

Movie Playlist

Ever hear a song on the radio and get transported back to a scene in a film you love? From Hugh Grant as PM dancing around 10 Downing to Will Smith fighting off aliens in The Men in Black. Enjoy!

Autumn Playlist

With temperatures cooling down, children returning to school and the days getting shorter, we wanted to share music to help you slow down too. Enjoy the soft melodies we've collected for you over a cuppa.

Heatwave Playlist

With a mix of neo-soul + R&B this playlist will have you dancing until the sun goes down. Remember you can follow any of our playlists on Spotify. Or come visit us on this page!

Dinner Party Playlist

The music you play during your dinner helps create the right mood. We've come up with a compilation that stays in the background and encourages conversation. 

Cooking Playlist

Music is essential when cooking, our team has created a playlist combining some of our favourite Motown classics mixed in with new R&B. We encourage you to sing and dance along!

Walking Playlist

We wanted to create a collection of playlists that could be perfect for a Saturday when you're planning to entertain friends and family. This first playlist is just the thing to listen to as you head to your local market to buy groceries.