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Buffalo Mozzarella with Balsamic Pearls

Our creative director  found  these  fantastic  balsamic  pearls  by  Beluza  while gathering  ingredients. They  were  far  too  interesting  and  beautiful  to  pass  by. The  result  is  worth  the  £4.99 we spent on them!   


151110_Black&White_026 2.jpg

Photography by Ola O Smit
Styling and plates by Ana Kerin of Kana London
Recipe by Sherri Dymond

Buffalo Mozzarella with Balsamic Pearls

Beautiful spheres bursting with aged balsamic vinegar that seem to dance around the plate. So much more pleasing then splashes of the vinegar itself streaking the plate and ingredients.  May seem a bit indulgent, but we think you should treat yourself.  We know this dish is simple and you don't need a recipe for it, these are just quick lines


Serves 4 greedy people or 8 as a starter

4 balls of very good buffalo mozzarella

2 tbsp balsamic pearls 

Lashings of good olive oil

Maldon salt to taste

Fresh cracked pepper to taste


Tear balls of mozzarella gently in half, sprinkle the balsamic pearls over the cheese, season perfectly.  Add generous lashings of olive oil and enjoy!