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Naughty Cotswolds sour by Jack Wareing

Cotswolds Whiskey Cocktail-Jack-Wareing.jpg

Earlier this year the Table Magazine team visited the Cotswolds Distillery. During our tour we learned about the process of gin and whiskey making from Dean, a tour guide on the distillery. They were kind enough to let us leave with a bottle of their Single Malt Whiskey that we found mighty delicious. We asked our resident bar tender, Jack Wareing to come up with a summer cocktail for you all, it was a hard job being his gin guinea pig, but we somehow survived!

We visited Jack at his south London home a couple weeks ago on a warm summery afternoon. Walking into his kitchen, it felt more like a laboratory of a mad scientist than anything else. At one point I peered into a cardboard box to find a glass of milk sitting under a UV light. "That's my girlfriends experiment actually. She's given herself a cocktail brief to create a drink that tastes like the sun." He says this casually as if thats a normal thing to do. Jack begins collecting ingredients and his cocktail kit as we chat about the whiskey I've brought for him to try. "It's unusual to get this kind of flavour from a first-fill barrel," he explains. "There are some great tropical notes, it's a young whiskey so they don't have to compete with the traditional dusty/musty flavours that you get with older whiskey's. It's also the reason that I went with passion fruit and Aperol in this cocktail, the Aperol is bitter and ties in nicely with the Coco Rosa. Kummel plays nicely with the minty high ball which is fun to play with. Ginger completes the trifecta -tropical, minty and big herbaceous flavour, while caraway carries the whole way through. 

Recipe for Our Naughty Cotswolds Sour

40ml Cotswolds Whiskey

20ml Fresh lemon juice

15ml Cocchi Rosa

10ml Aperol

10ml Passionfruit syrup

10ml Ginger syrup

5ml Kummel

5ml Gomme (2:1)

25ml Egg white (Can use chickpea brine if you want to keep it vegan)


DOUBLE shake (once without ice, and again with ice) and double strain into fancy coupe

Garnish with tiny mint sprig


Cotswolds Whiskey Cocktail by Jack Wareing.jpg

Words & Photography | Ariana Ruth
Cocktail Recipe | Jack Wareing
Special Thanks to Cotswolds Distillery