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An Easy Recipe for Pickled Turnip

I like to have pickled things in my fridge at all times.  They are easy to make and always a delicious addition to a sandwich, a cheese board or a little snack.  There are many variations, but I like the sweet sour combination of this recipe.  With this recipe, sterilise your jar, pack the turnip and aromatics in, then cover with hot liquid and seal.  Will keep on a shelf well, but do refrigerate after opening.



Fills one 1L kilner jar
-500g mini turnips, sliced thin
-100g salt
-2 cloves garlic, sliced thin
-1 shallot sliced thin
-6 peppercorns
-500g granulated sugar
-500 ml rice wine vinegar


  1. Salt the turnips after you cut them to get some of the moisture out and keep them crunchy.  I do this in a colander, tossing the slices in the salt and leaving them alone for about 20 minutes.  Give them a little rinse and lay on a kitchen towel to dry

  2. Bring the sugar and vinegar to a boil, turn down and let simmer for 3 minutes. Let sit for two minutes and pour over vegetables in sterilised jar (make sure to wipe the lip of jar after filling to insure it seals properly)  Keep in a cool, dry place until ready to eat.  They will be ready to eat the next day.  I would suggest chilling before eating to get maximum crunch

    Photography by Ola O Smit
    Styling and plates by Ana Kerin of Kana London
    Recipe by Sherri Dymond