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Grape Salsa with Goats Cheese on Lightly Toasted Bread


This is a recipe that we wanted to include early on, it's so easy to make but packs a mighty punch. It's the perfect thing to make for a dinner party or even for larger gatherings. People are always cautious when they hear 'grape salsa' but it's actually the one that most people ask me to send the recipe for. I found this recipe over on The Sprouted Kitchen website, if you haven't heard of it before you're in for a treat!


1 1/2 lb. Seedless Red Black Grapes
1 Chile
1 tbsp. Red Wine Vinegar
1 Bunch Fresh Coriander, Finely Chopped
Half a Small Red Onion, Finely Chopped (more or less to taste)
Salt and Pepper
1 Whole Grain Baguette
8 oz. Chevre, room temperature
2 tbsp. Milk


Oven to 375’

1. Cut the chile into fourths and remove the seeds, dice as small as possible. Dice the red onion as tiny as possible, and throw those into the bowl as well. Use your discretion with how much onion you like. Dice the grapes, best to halve length and width wise, then chop. Add the vinegar and ½ cup of coriander and toss. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper to your taste.

2. Slice the baguette, on a bias into ¼’’ slices and arrange on a baking tray. You will need to do this in two shifts. Bake on the upper rack for about 4 minutes, take them out and flip them over, bake for another 4 minutes and let them cool. Repeat with the other half.

3. Put the goat cheese in a small bowl, add the milk and mix it around to make it spreadable. Swipe one side of the baguette with about 1 tbsp. chevre. Place a heaping spoonful of the grape salsa on top and garnish with fresh coriander.