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The Perfect Pour & Rose Tom Collins by Tinkture

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Perfect pour - the simple ‘TINK AND TONIC’

I like my gin simple and clean. A good measure of Rose Gin by Tinkture in a heavy cut glass tumbler, plenty of ice, a slice of fresh pear and a solid splash of a quality tonic, like original Fever Tree. – Simple. Beautiful. Easy!

For something a bit more adventurous, refreshing and natural – ROSE TOM COLLINS

It’s actually the very cleanest way to make a delicious, clean, gin based long drink…

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A good glug (about 50ml) of Rose Gin by Tinkture

75ml fresh lemon cordial

100ml soda / sparkling water

Lots of ice

A lemon twirl to garnish and a rose petal for added beauty


First up lots of ice. Then add the sparkling water and lemon cordial (fresh lemon with sugar syrup) and mix.

Gently pour Rose Gin on the top – do not stir just yet – look closely as your golden Rose Gin gently meets the lemon mix and starts turning pink as it cascades down into the glass. Enjoy your moment, then stir - adding your chosen garnish and serve.

We have added measures to the ingredients as a guide, but to get your Tom Collins just perfect you need to trust your taste buds. Don’t be afraid to add more lemon, sugar (or Gin)!

Words by Tinkture
Photography by John Hersey